You’re at an event you’ve organized and you’re using your phone to take pictures of all of your hard work when, at 20%, your battery dies. Usually, you’d borrow a charger from someone who thought to bring one, but none of your friends did. That’s alright, you decide. You walk over to the bartender. He’s got a charger, but not for your phone. No more picture-taking or plan-making with your cell. It’s ‘dead’ and you’re in the dark, so to speak.

A typical experience in today’s times unless you’ve noticed Rapid Charge stations popping up everywhere, those trusty cell phone charging lockers and stations. As an event organizer, this is something you really should have thought to include. Along with enough parking space and porta-loos. 

In fact, if you’re someone who looks after people as a vocation, you should want to connect with your clients and customers by way of renting Rapid Charge stations or lockers for events, conferences or parties. Rapid Charge stations, kiosks and lockers can be used at events, parties, weddings, meetings, construction sites, shops, restaurants and even private homes. For a small event, any station will do. If you’d like to impress your guests by showing that you care for their security, then rent a locker, where phones can be securely locked away while charging. All stations have various connectors for different devices including cell phones and tablets. Not only do they benefit your tribe, but your business, too. How? By improving customer retention and dwell time and exposing customers to your branding. 

Not only does a Rapid Charge station attract customers but it also tends to ensure that guests stay longer. More time at your event, meeting or party means bigger business, more photos and more engagement.

Rapid Charge is also a great way to turn passive advertising into active advertising. By offering friends, guests, clients or customers a free charging service, you don’t need to lift a finger for instant appreciation from them. You’re offering a free service and advertising at the same time!

Today, we use our cell phones for everything from communicating, checking stocks, playing games, navigating and calculating to reviewing, arranging, Facebooking and Instagramming. We don’t really on our old hand-held torch anymore because cell phones do everything and more for us. Unfortunately, they aren’t perfect yet, so we need to plug them in to charge. Until such time that cell phones and other devices won’t need to be charged, Rapid Charge is the way to go!