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Rapid Charge Solutions specialises in a diverse range of multi-point cell phone charging stations, complemented by branding and advertising opportunities.

We offer a comprehensive selection of charging stations available for both short-term and long-term rentals, with our charging lockers and cocktail charging tables emerging as highly sought-after choices.


Innovative charging solutions for a wide range of applications



Practical, innovative and secure cellphone charging lockers and stations for rental.



Practical, innovative and secure cellphone charging lockers and stations for sale.



Turning every charge into a memorable interaction with your brand.

Why use Rapid Charge?

Benefits of Rapid Charge Charging Lockers and Stations

We give you the ability to provide an essential convenient service in an easy to manage and cost efficient manner

Our charging stations will charge 99% of the available cell phones and tablets.

Rapid Charge charging stations encourage dwell time and the potential for you to interact with your customer and sell your product.

Branded products at events, exhibitions, activations, festivals or trade shows gives your business exposure to real traffic and practical interaction. Your brand is associated with convenience.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors - provide a unique, convenient and practical service to your clients improving experience and loyalty.

Build brand awareness.

All charging stations can be branded with personalised vinyl decals and backlit prints.

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Our team at Rapid Charge is committed to delivering cutting-edge technology and unparalleled services in mobile charging stations. Get in touch with us today to explore how our innovative charging solutions can propel your sustainability goals forward.


How many phones can charge at once?

Locker capacity: The number of phones that can charge simultaneously depends on the locker compartment configuration. For instance, a 10-door locker accommodates 10 phones, while a 20-door locker accommodates 20 phones.

How long does it take to charge in a charging station?

Charging time: The duration to charge your phone varies based on the phone’s battery capacity and the charging station’s output. Typically, it takes 2 to 3 hours unless your phone supports fast charging.

What is Quick Charge?

Quick Charge: Quick Charge is a rapid charging standard developed by Qualcomm, compatible with smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

How does the security locker work?

Locking mechanisms: The locker can be secured using combination or keypad locks. In case of a forgotten combination, a master key is provided for combination locks, and an overriding code is available for keypad locks.

How many phone charging stations do I need for my event or venue?

Determining the number of charging stations needed is dependent on the specific requirements of your event or venue. Contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

What can be branded on the charge station?

Branding areas: Branding is possible on the top, bottom, and both sides of the locker, as well as on the front and both sides of the plinth.

What are the installation requirements?

Plug and play: Installation is a simple “plug and play” process.

What are the dimensions/size of the charging stations?

Product details: Please refer to the product details for specific dimensions and size information or contact us for more detailed information.

Can I charge a laptop?

Laptop charging: Some lockers have individual plug points per compartment specifically designed for charging laptops.

If purchased, are the phone charging stations covered under warranty?

Warranty coverage: Charging devices and combination locks are covered under warranty for 6 months, but charging cables are not covered as they are considered consumables.

Do you offer technical support?

Support availability: Yes, technical support is provided. Details on how to access support and relevant contact information are available.

Do you access data from the devices?

Data security: No, we do not connect with your device in any way, ensuring the safety of your data and information.

How does renting a charging station work?

Rental process: Specific details on the rental process are provided upon inquiry.

How will I know if my device is charged?

Charging status: Our charging stations do not feature this technology, so users are advised to manually check the charging status of their devices.

What is a cell phone charging station?

Functionality: A cell phone charging station enables multiple users to charge their devices simultaneously in a safe and secure environment.

Who benefits from cell phone charging stations?

Beneficiaries: Various establishments and events benefit from cell phone charging stations, including:

Schools and Universities


Restaurants, bars and taverns


Gyms and fitness centers


Sport events

Concerts and festivals


Exhibitions, activations and trade shows


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