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Cell phone locker charging units

Our Cell Phone Locker Charging Units are the perfect combination of security and convenience for your event’s charging needs. Designed to keep mobile devices safe while powering up, these units are essential to any event space.

Ideal for conferences, exhibitions, or any large gatherings, our Cell Phone Locker Charging Units keep devices charged and secure and offer an enhanced user experience with extra branding potential.

  • Locker door configurations –20 door

  • 4 PIN combination locks (master key provided)

  • 2 x individual charging cables per compartment (iPhone, Micro USB & Type C)

  • Plinth – adds height and extra branding space

  • All units have castor/trolley wheels for easy mobility


Cocktail table charging station

Take your event to the next level with our Cocktail Table Charging Station, the perfect combination of functionality and style. This sleek station is not just a place to gather and socialise, but also a convenient charging hub for all your guests.

Perfect for corporate events, trade shows, or upscale venues, our Cocktail Table Charging Station is more than just a piece of furniture – it’s a statement piece that combines style with practicality, keeping your guests charged and connected.

Our cocktail tables are also LED backlit, ensuring that your brand remains in the spotlight, quite literally!

  • 8 x tamper proof industrial braided charging cables.

  • Retractable charging cables (iPhone, Android & Type C)

  • LED backlit

  • 1 x extra AC outlet plug point for charging other devices

  • Customised branding

  • Protected clear Plexiglass cover

  • Battery powered – optional extra


10 door floor standing locker

Our 10-door Floor Standing Charging Locker is designed for user convenience and security; this locker is an ideal addition to any event, activation, tradeshow or conference. 

The 10-door Floor Standing Charging Locker is not just a charging station; it’s a secure, convenient, and powerful branding tool that keeps devices safe and ensures your brand stays in the spotlight.

  • Locker door configurations –10 door

  • Floor standing

  • Keypad combination lock

  • 2 x individual charging cables per compartment - (iPhone, Micro USB & Type C)

  • Branding – both sides, top and bottom sections


Cell phone charging kiosk

Elevate your event with our Cell Phone Charging Kiosk, the ultimate conversation starter for your brand! This kiosk is not just a charging station; it’s a dynamic marketing tool designed to engage and impress.

Perfect for conferences, trade shows, activations or any event, our Cell Phone Charging Kiosk is more than just a charging station, it’s an interactive branding opportunity that keeps your audience connected to their devices and your message.

  • Conversation starter for your brand

  • 8 x tamper-proof industrial braided charging cables

  • Retractable charging cables (iPhone, Micro USB & Type C)

  • Customised branding - magnetic vinyl decals

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